2018 Video Replays

The 2018 Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is in the books. But that doesn’t mean the learning and innovation is over. You can download the slide decks and notes from each session below. Feel free to share them with your team, colleagues, and peers who are looking for new way to grow their online fundraising and digital marketing.

Session Notes

Get the Notes on Each Session

The 2018 NIO Summit notes are a quick and easy way to get a recap of each speaker’s session, main points, and key takeaways. Download a free copy of the notes, and use it as you go through the slide decks and videos to help you catch the most important takeaways to grow your online fundraising.

Download the notes

Watch the Videos and Download the Slides from Each Session

Tim Kachuriak

Optimize Your Fundraising

David JP Philips

The Magical Science of Storytelling

Josh McQueen

Changes in Giving and Volunteer Work for Nonprofits

Jamie Blomquist

Aligning Strategy and Spend with Changing Behaviors

Andy Crestodina

Search, Conversion, and Content Optimization

Brian Davis

Going Big – Making the Most of a Winning Appeal

Jon Powell

5 Unusual Levers to Help Your Emails Get Read

Amy Harrison

Copy That Crushes Objections and Get Donations

Karl Gilis

Why You Fail as a Digital Marketer and What to Do About It

Marie Vaino

6 Building Blocks for Optimizing Low Traffic Sites

Brady Josephson

The State of Recurring Giving in 2018

Amy Zhang & Matt Monberg

Recurring Giving Case Studies

Steve MacLaughlin

Big Data, AI, and Unicorns

Michelle Hurtado

Connecting People to Causes with Free Google Ads

Kevin Peters

Using Data to Tell a Compelling Story

Lee MJ Elias

Think Like a Fan – Invest In Your Fans So They Invest In You


More Online Fundraising Training

Ready to dive in and start applying these strategies to your online fundraising? The free online fundraising courses from NextAfter are a great way to turn these concepts into practical application that will lead to growth in your marketing performance and fundraising revenue. Courses include Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors, Email Fundraising Optimization, and Donation & Landing Page Optimization.