The Essential Event for Online Fundraising and
Digital Marketing


Aztec Theatre
San Antonio, TX

Sept. 27-28, 2018

16 Speakers
500 Tickets

Grow Your Online Fundraising and Become an Innovative Digital Marketer

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is the premier conference for nonprofit marketers and fundraisers looking to grow their online fundraising. Rather than have an open call for speakers, we hand-select the leading experts in marketing and fundraising innovation from around the world, and bring them all under one roof to teach us how to achieve real and tangible online fundraising growth.

Over the course of two days, you’ll learn proven and research-driven strategies from these leading experts, participate in hands-on training sessions, and discover all the tools you need to grow your online fundraising and revenue.

Through extensive networking opportunities, you’ll gather new ideas and learnings from a community of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers like yourself who are seeking the most innovative solutions and strategies to grow their revenue.


Why should I attend the summit?

4 Reasons a Nonprofit Fundraising Executive Should Attend

1. Get inspiring new ideas from bleeding-edge digital marketers. Every year we go to the top marketing conferences around the world to find the best digital marketing thought leaders to invite to NIO. This year, we’ve secured some of the most talented forward-thinkers to inspire you with breakthrough ideas to help give your nonprofit organization an edge.

2. Learn secrets to building a culture of perpetual learning and performance improvement. The key to consistent growth of your fundraising program is creating a culture of innovation and optimization. At the NIO Summit, you will learn secrets from other nonprofit executives that have cracked the code of cultural transformation so that you can motivate your staff to continually push for better and better results.

Peep Laja3. Preview new technology solutions in a no-pressure, sales-free environment. Nobody likes to pay to attend a conference only to be forced to sit through sales pitch after sales pitch from the main stage. Yet, as an innovative executive you need to constantly stay on top of what is new in the world of technology. To solve this, we have created a special “Innovation Showcase” that is located in a private lounge within the main venue. You can pick and choose which technologies to review in a no-hassle, comfortable, intimate setting.

4. Network with fellow innovators from both the nonprofit and for-profit space. One of the best parts of the NIO Summit is the built-in networking opportunities throughout the conference. Because this event is only for nonprofit innovators and marketing thought leaders, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with people that share your passion for leadership, new ideas, and market disruption.

5 Reasons a Nonprofit Fundraising Practitioner Should Attend

1. Learn advanced marketing ideas to accelerate your growth. The NIO Summit is the place where you’ll find proven fundraising strategies, the latest marketing innovations, and the essential tools to help your nonprofit achieve major online fundraising growth. Take in over 16 powerful and practical, action-oriented sessions on email marketing, copywriting, landing page creation, content marketing, analytics, social media marketing, online advertising, marketing automation, and of course, testing and optimization.

2. Discover what works and what doesn’t in online fundraising. Gain insights from over 1,000 online fundraising experiments to get quick wins for your online fundraising program that will impress your boss and raise more money for your organization.

3. Fast-track your way into testing and optimization. If you have ever wanted to move into the exciting world of conversion rate optimization, this is your chance! The entire NextAfter team will be available to you to help you with everything from developing a strong, testable hypothesis, to getting up and running on a testing platform – we’ll even help you set up and run your first test from the floor of the conference.

4. Get instant free access to your own experiment research library. Every attendee of the NIO Summit will get access to the newly designed Winston Experiment Research Library. Winston easily integrates with all major testing platforms and will enable you to monitor, document, and share the results of all of your experiments from one centralized, beautifully designed interface.

5. Meet and network with marketing thought-leaders and fellow nonprofit innovators. Imagine the opportunity to attend a nonprofit conference where meeting new people doesn’t feel like work. That’s because the NIO Summit has been engineered to provide you with natural opportunities to connect and network with other nonprofit attendees, speakers, and subject matter experts so that you have people you can turn to for inspiration, new ideas, or even your next career move.

4 Reasons Why Everyone Will Love the NIO Summit

1. The venue is a Meso-American work of art. If you have ever wondered what it would be like attending a conference at a venue that feels like it’s straight out of an Indiana Jones film, this is your chance. The historic Aztec Theatre, right in the vortex of the downtown San Antonio Riverwalk, is an experience you will talk about for years to come with your friends.

NIO swag2. The speakers will blow your mind. We literally travel to marketing conferences around the world to find the absolute best expert speakers we can find. You will be inspired, challenged, entertained, and of course equipped with killer ideas that you are guaranteed not to find at any other nonprofit conference this year.

3. Killer swag. Instead of crappy tote bags jammed with marketing propaganda, we’ve created a sweet Swag Shop where you can trade in the tokens for the coolest nonprofit conference swag you’ve ever seen. Earn tokens by participating at the Summit, and you’ll be able to cash in on Bison coolers, boot-leg T-shirts, temporary tattoos, and other swag that literally says, “Punch Best Practices in the Face.”

4. Money-back Guarantee. We are so confident that you will LOVE the NIO Summit, that we will 100% refund your money if you don’t.


How is it different from other nonprofit conferences?

Dark, dingy ballrooms. PowerPoint presentations that seem to never end. Forced ‘networking’ time. Unrelenting sales pitches from the stage. More achievement ribbons available than a human could possibly ever earn or wear. And, perhaps worst of all, speakers repeating the same ‘best practices’ that you’ve already heard a hundred times — maybe even from them.

This is how most nonprofit conferences go. And we’re not saying they’re bad…we’re just saying that the NIO Summit is pretty much the complete opposite.

A Nonprofit Event You’ll Actually Be Glad You Attended

The NIO Summit brings together the best and brightest minds and industry leaders to give short, focused, research-backed presentations over two jam-packed full days with two goals:

  1. Grow your online fundraising.
  2. Have an absurd amount of fun.

Nowhere else in North America – dare we say, the world – can you find all of this in one room…

  • 16+ world-renowned marketing innovators, focusing all of their insights around online fundraising growth
  • The most forward-thinking ideas on nonprofit digital marketing in a gorgeous amphitheater referred to as a “Meso-American architectural work of art.”
  • Hands on optimization workshops to help you improve your donation pages, emails, landing pages, advertising, and more.
  • The coolest swag in the known universe. Period.
  • A free concert by the Spazmatics, along with other super fun networking events, food, beverages, and entertainment.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t have a great time and walk away with a notebook full of new ideas that you can apply right away, we’ll give you your money back. Our goal is not to take your money, but to give you ideas and insights that will help you raise more money for your cause.


Where is the summit?

The City: San Antonio – old town charm in the big city

This year we’re pulling up the stakes and moving NIO Summit to the historical city of San Antonio. If you’ve never experienced this town, you’re in for a treat. The nation’s seventh largest city is full of one-of-a-kind sites and attractions.

Nicknamed the River City, the defining landmark of San Antonio is the meandering River Walk on the San Antonio River. The River Walk is a verdant oasis of cypress-lined paved paths, arched stone bridges and lush landscapes surrounded by fabulous dining, unique shopping and unforgettable sights.

As for historical significance, there aren’t many more iconic symbols of Texas than the Alamo. Make sure to find time to tour the mission that helped spawn a republic. As you tour the site where 200 defenders held out before succumbing to the Mexican army, you’ll likely hear echoes of the chant “Remember the Alamo!” that inspired the Texans to victory in the Battle of San Jacinto.

The Venue: The Aztec Theatre – landmark in the heart of San Antonio

The 2018 NIO Summit will be held in the unique, historic Aztec Theatre. Founded in 1926 and located just a few short steps from the River Walk, the theater boasts design elements that mimic ancient Mexican temples with massive columns and polychrome murals. You’ll be dazzled by the three-ton chandelier that is two-stories tall and twelve-feet wide…the largest in Texas at the time it was installed.

There’s not a bad seat in the house, and you’ll be sure to have a great view of the huge screen and gigantic stage from one of three seating options. This year you’ll be able to take in the proceedings from classroom-style tables, standing high-tops or theater seats in the balcony.

The Official NIO Summit Hotel: The Drury Plaza Hotel – SOLD OUT!

Additional Rooms: The Drury Inn & Suites – SOLD OUT!

Other Hotels Within Easy Walking Distance Include:

  • Homewood Suites by Hilton San Antonio-Riverwalk/Downtown – 210-222-1515
  • Courtyard by Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk – 210-223-8888
  • Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk – 210-224-2500
  • Omni La Mansión del Rio RiverWalk – 210-518-1000
  • Hotel Valencia Riverwalk – 210-227-9700


What should I wear to the summit?

Here’s the simplest answer: wear whatever you think will make you have the greatest conference experience you’ve ever had. There’s really no dress code but just in case ‘no dress code’ stresses you out, here’s a quick do and do not guide:


  • Wear shoes that you would be comfortable standing in for hours on end (but don’t worry, you won’t have to.)
  • Wear that t-shirt from that team building exercise in 1996 that you absolutely love.
  • Wear something that allows you to breathe even after eating unending delicious Texas cuisine.


  • Go out and buy something just for the summit. Just keep it casual.
  • Wear things restrictive around your neck…like a tie…that could get caught in a lawn mower and kill you (*NextAfter and the NIO Summit are not liable for any freak lawnmower accidents.)
  • Overthink it.

Basically, wear what you feel most comfortable in, and be yourself.

A Visual Guide

If you really want to get into the spirit of the conference, I mean… you are going on a grand adventure to the Aztec Theatre. We don’t think there are any pitfalls, booby traps, or giant boulders to run away from. But just in case, you may want to bring your adventurer’s gear….

If you have more questions on the dress code, you’re probably missing the point. If you decide to email us about it, we’ll probably say something like “Wear something comfortable. And don’t wear a tie.”


We’ve traveled to marketing conferences around the world to find the most innovative, sought-after, and engaging speakers who can provide practical insights that will help you grow your online fundraising and digital marketing. Every speaker is hand-selected to make sure that every session is valuable and exciting – even if you’ve attended the summit in the past.

We’ve still got some more great speakers on the way, but see below for the inspiring line-up of thought leaders who have already committed for 2018. And check back often as we’ll continue to add more speakers in the coming weeks.

David JP Phillips

CEO at

Michelle Hurtado

Head of Ad Grants at Google

Tim Kachuriak

Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer at NextAfter

Lee MJ Elias

Founder at Game Seven Group

Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media

Steve MacLaughlin

Vice President of Data & Analytics at Blackbaud

Amy Harrison

Copywriter, Consultant & Speaker at Write With Influence

Josh McQueen

Founder at McQueen, Mackin & Associates

Jamie Blomquist

Agency Lead at Google Marketing Solutions

Amy Zhang

Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager at charity: water

Karl Gilis

Managing Partner at AGConsult

Marie Vaino

Web Conversion Manager at Pipedrive

Brian Davis

Chief Technology Officer at ActiveEngagement

Matt Monberg

Senior Manager of Retention & Engagement at Compassion International

Brady Josephson

Vice President of Innovation & Optimization at NextAfter

Jon Powell

Senior Director of Research and Education at NextAfter

Kevin Peters

Chief Technology Officer at NextAfter

Courtney Gaines

Director of Optimization at NextAfter

Jeff Giddens

President at NextAfter

Tim Kachuriak Tim Kachuriak
Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer at NextAfter

Tim founded NextAfter almost  seven years ago with a clear vision of how nonprofits could reach never-before-seen levels of generosity. In this motivational kick-off to the event, Tim will show you how far we’ve come, what obstacles still exist, and a roadmap for the future.

David JP Phillips David JP Phillips
CEO at

Based on his hugely popular TEDx talk ”The Magical Science of Storytelling”, David will take you on a journey, or actually several journeys, making you feel the power and the progression of strategic storytelling. This seminar will give you insights into the power of storytelling, practical and simple techniques on how to enhance your stories and most amazing of all, how specific stories change our biochemistry.

Our brain is created, or rather completely optimized, for storytelling. With new studies literally pouring down around the topic, we are now able to pinpoint, at a neurological, psychological and biological level, exactly why storytelling is so powerful and how to use it effectively to persuade, either with the purpose of selling, convincing or teaching someone something.

In this lecture, you will experience the effects of good storytelling, but most importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of why and how storytelling works. David will introduce several practical techniques and tools, in order for you to be able to deliver stories that sell, are convincing and create memories within the listener’s brain. This lecture will be practical, useful and entertaining.

Ray Gary, CEO at iDonate Ray Gary, CEO at iDonate
Special Session in the Warrior Room

Marketing automation tools are helpful but fail to deliver the necessary functions to be transformative for nonprofits. Attendees will discover a new paradigm of fundraising where Giving Automation completes the donor lifecycle and empowers breakthrough growth.

Josh McQueen Josh McQueen
Founder at McQueen, Mackin & Associates

Josh McQueen will be sharing a major new study that documents the major shifts in our landscape. These findings
focus on the differences between generations: dollars, hours, values, and interests.

Since the huge drop after 2009, overall giving has recovered; but 25% more non-profits are competing for share-of-heart and depth-of-trust.

Understanding the trends and differences from this study can allow you to apply fresh insights to your fundraising.

Jamie Blomquist Jamie Blomquist
Agency Lead at Google Marketing Solutions

Where nonprofit marketers are spending their budgets is quickly diverging from where their constituents are spending their time, leading to poor donor experiences, wasted marketing investment and a focus on the totally wrong metrics. In this talk, Jamie will give an outline of how giving behavior, especially online behavior, has changed and how leading brands are evolving their marketing strategy to meet their constituents’ expectations. Expect to hear about:

The Current Nonprofit Landscape
How donors are changing how they discover and engage with charitable organizations and what’s driving that behavior

Changing Donor Demands
How to meet constituents’ changing expectations with your brand online- including mobile performance and personalization

A Charge for Marketers
A call to action for advertisers to focus on metrics that actually matter- those that enable the organization to fulfill its mission

Dr. Page Piccinini, Senior Data Scientist at Classy Dr. Page Piccinini, Senior Data Scientist at Classy
Special Session in the Warrior Room

The supporter’s journey is multi-faceted, and begins long before they arrive at a donation checkout form. They can engage through mobile devices, interact with a variety of campaign types, commit to a recurring gift, and participate in unplanned inflection points like disasters and political events.

To better understand the supporter’s path, Classy’s data science team analyzed millions of data points from the Classy Fundraising Suite to separate the journey into four major influences: source, destination, actions, and timing. Each influence has its own core metrics, which Classy leverages to further dissect user behaviors and gain actionable insights to help you improve your fundraising.

In this session, the Classy team will provide data from their recent report, The State of Modern Philanthropy, including thought starters for your organization to consider in your quest for growth.

Andy Crestodina Andy Crestodina
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media

They are the two numbers that matter most: total visitors and conversion rate. But most websites miss huge opportunities to optimize for these two numbers. We’re going to fix that.

This session is equal parts mousetrap and cheese. We’re going to find the low-hanging fruit for SEO, improve our rankings and attract more targeted visitors. Then we’ll find the content that inspires our visitors to take action. When we connect the traffic champs to the conversion champs, our results multiply.

You’ll learn to use analytics to discover the following.

  • Which phrases are the best opportunities in search …and most highly visible
  • Which content is on the edge of greatness …and how to improve it
  • Which pages trigger action …and how to promote them

Once complete, you’ll know the smallest actions that can result in the greatest outcomes.

Brian Davis Brian Davis
Chief Technology Officer at ActiveEngagement

It takes work to create a great fundraising campaign.  But what happens next? In this session Brian will talk about what happens after you’ve executed successfully, tested and optimized, and crafted a winning appeal. How can you reach more prospects, engage more donors, and raise more dollars with your optimized offer?  Brian will look at some examples, use data, and draw on time-tested direct marketing ideas to show how that winning campaign can keep on growing.  Along the way he’ll debunk some myths and encourage you to think about email a little differently.

Brian Davis, Chief Technology Officer at Active Engagement Brian Davis, Chief Technology Officer at Active Engagement
Special Session in the Warrior Room

The history of email marketing is as full of cautionary tales as it is of “best practices” and conflicting advice.  Come hear how ActiveEngagement leverages their scale and experience to serve clients in some of the toughest verticals around.  Imagine political nonprofits driving open rates of near 20% daily in the run-up to an election, charitable organizations tapping into as-yet unreached networks of proven email donors, or media companies seeing consistent 40-50% open rates on daily news content.
Brian will talk about the secret sauce – how their team uses Data, Technology, Relationships and Experience to deliver more than 2 billion emails a year for their clients.

Jon Powell Jon Powell
Senior Director of Research and Education at NextAfter

When it comes to writing subject lines, there seems to be limitless options out there on what’s going to work and EVERYONE seems to have an opinion. In fact, many articles even promise you nonprofit-specific subject lines that you can just copy and paste!

But will they really work for you? And if they do, WHY?

How can you tell the difference between a good and bad one?

And finally, if you run out of options, how can you know how to write an effective subject line yourself, even if you are not a crafty wordsmith or expert on a particular topic?

In this 30-minute workshop, we’ll examine a strategic approach for writing effective nonprofit subject lines based on 50+ statistically significant nonprofit email experiments that will significantly increase your chance of getting someone to read your email, even if you are not a wordsmith and have tried other methods.

Amy Harrison Amy Harrison
Copywriter, Consultant & Speaker at Write With Influence

Do you feel there are vast numbers of people who would love to support you but just aren’t donating? You’re probably right.

If you’ve sent out emails, or direct mail campaigns that aren’t converting it can feel like a lot of people are saying ‘no’. But that’s not the case and it is possible to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes.

There are four key barriers that stop people making a donation, but you can overcome this with copywriting: the language of persuasion.

This talk isn’t about trick words or manipulative tactics, it’s a simple and practical plan to break down these barriers and engage potential donors. You’ll discover how to identify what might be stopping people from giving to your organisation, and then see how to write copy that gets past no, soothes objections, and gets donations.

The Spazmatics The Spazmatics
Geeks and Nerds and the 80s

Remember the good ol’ days when music was happy and fun? When songs were catchy and everyone knew the words? Well, for a few hours at the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, you’ll be able to take a trip down memory lane and dust off your dancing shoes…the Spazmatics will be in the house!

Come on out and have some fun with your fellow fundraisers at the Official NIO Summit Party. With a Spazmatics set list that includes classics like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “We Got the Beat” and “You Spin Me Right Round”, the 80’s will be front and center. Kick back with a cool beverage and get ready to have a blast. We’re pretty sure this will be a night you’ll never forget. Don’t miss it!

Karl Gilis Karl Gilis
Managing Partner at AGConsult

For many years, Karl Gilis has been using his quirky presentation style to teach marketers all over the world how to get better at their jobs. In a comedic, yet super-informative session, Karl will show you:

  • Why you suck at online marketing (yep, this session is going to be fun)
  • Why words are so much more important than design
  • 7 universal but often forgotten principles to boost your online success

Marie Vaino Marie Vaino
Web Conversion Manager at Pipedrive

Not everyone has enough traffic to run split tests (within a reasonable amount of time). But testing does not equal optimization, it’s only part of it. Marie will show you how you can optimize your site for higher conversions – no matter how much traffic you’ve got! Her session is practical and full of real life examples.

Ray Gary, CEO at iDonate Ray Gary, CEO at iDonate
Special Session in the Warrior Room

Peer-to-Peer campaigns are all the rage. You know you need one, but how do you engage fundraisers in a world where you can make 500K playing a video game online? Attendees will discover the key to unlocking your Peer- to-Peer fundraising potential.

Brady Josephson Brady Josephson
Vice President of Innovation & Optimization at NextAfter

Recurring donors are consistently worth 4 times more than one-time donors over their lifetime, give more in a year than one-time donors, and are 2 times more likely to be retained as a donor. So what are organizations doing to attract, appeal to, and acquire recurring donors?

That’s what the State of Recurring Giving Study sought to answer by giving multiple gifts to 117 organizations and tracking the donation process, subsequent communications, and upgrade/retention strategies. In this session we’ll share the results and key insights from that study so you can see how your recurring giving program compares (or how to get started with one) and where you can improve based on real research in the market today.

Jeff Giddens Jeff Giddens
President at NextAfter

Jeff is serving as the moderator for two case studies about recurring giving programs. Your fundraising peers are doing some incredible things and this is a great opportunity to learn how you could apply some innovative tactics to your own campaigns.

Amy Zhang Amy Zhang
Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager at charity: water

Curious if Facebook Ads can work as an ROI-positive acquisition tool for nonprofits? We’ll talk about some ways you can optimize your Facebook Ads program to create sustainable, scalable growth for recurring monthly donors. Topics include audience targeting, ad testing, and landing page testing, among other tips and tricks.

Matt Monberg Matt Monberg
Senior Manager of Retention & Engagement at Compassion International

Confused about where to spend your time and energy on building the best recurring gift program? If you’re like most fundraisers, you’ve got big goals paired with a modest budget. And you feel the pressure to maximize the value of your donors for your organization’s mission. But where do you start?

With over 1 million recurring donors worldwide, Compassion International’s child sponsorship program generates over a half a billion dollars in revenue each year. And that growth has generated a lot of learning about how to keep and grow donors over the long haul. In fact, 2 percent of their recurring donors have been giving continuously for over 30 years! To help you achieve success, this session will focus on three proven keys to Compassion’s long-term growth and retention of recurring givers over the last seven decades

Using real-world examples from Compassion’s successes and failures, you’ll walk away with practical and actionable ideas you can implement immediately in your own recurring giving program.

Brady Josephson, VP of Innovation & Optimization at NextAfter Brady Josephson, VP of Innovation & Optimization at NextAfter
Special Session in the Warrior Room

How does my organization compare to others? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions we get and just one of the many questions we answered for you with The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard.

Brady Josephson will share what he learned by signing up for the email lists of and donating to 152 Canadian charities. While donating, we analyzed 29 different items in each charity’s online giving funnel. Finally, we scored the timing and content of the charity’s thank-you communications.

Based on the research, you’ll see:

  • The biggest mistakes on donation pages.
  • The largest areas of opportunity in the email signup process.
  • How you can best stand out from other organizations in a crowded donor inbox.

Steve MacLaughlin Steve MacLaughlin
Vice President of Data & Analytics at Blackbaud

There is a lot of buzz about Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. But how to do nonprofits separate the hope from the hype? This session will focus on understanding how we got here and where it’s all going.. This session will not be about chasing unicorns or other mythical creatures unlikely to drive improved performance. We’ll cover the basics and the buzz words before having a meaningful discussion on what it takes to be successful in the Age of Data.

Michelle Hurtado Michelle Hurtado
Head of Ad Grants at Google

Google Ad Grants empowers eligible nonprofits with $10,000 per month in free advertising on Google Search results pages. Google’s ads reach large audiences in a relevant, actionable and measurable way and can help nonprofits educate, attract donors, and help people around the world.

Learn how to succeed online using the power of Ad Grants for effective and scalable marketing and fundraising.

Gabe Cooper, President at Virtuous Gabe Cooper, President at Virtuous
Special Session in the Warrior Room

Over the past 15 years the world has shifted from 1-to-many to 1-to-1 communication. Most brand experiences are completely personalized to you (think about Amazon, ESPN, Netflix, online clothing ads or even your local pizza place!). Unfortunately, the nonprofit world never fully made the shift to personalized marketing. The problem is that giving is intrinsically personal – and nonprofits have the most to gain from personalized, 1-to-1 marketing using social media insight, marketing automation, data analytics, etc. In this session, learn how to use marketing automation to close the growing chasm between the expectations of modern donors and the impersonal marketing capabilities of nonprofits. We’ll also learn several practical tactics including:

  • Building a series to set a second gift and prevent churn
  • Using story telling in automation to increase engagement and gift size

Kevin Peters Kevin Peters
Chief Technology Officer at NextAfter

OK, so you’ve got data – meaningful data, but now what? Great information is useless if you can’t communicate it effectively.

In this session, Kevin Peters will show you how to:

  • Identify the ways different people understand and consume data
  • Use the different mediums for communicating data and dig into the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Communicate universal truths regardless of the person or medium
  • Craft information and data into a compelling story

Lee MJ Elias Lee MJ Elias
Founder at Game Seven Group

Learn how you can use existing resources to build a culture of fans who are intensely loyal to your organization and are willing to talk about it. It’s about exponentially expanding reach and ultimately creating new revenue streams by authentically interacting with your fan-base.

Join Lee Elias as he takes you through his journey starting as a stay-at-home father to the owner of multiple successful business ventures in a very short time by utilizing these tactics.

Jon Powell Jon Powell
Senior Director of Research and Education at NextAfter

Are your donation and landing pages performing at optimal levels? Do you know the different types of pages and how they should be designed differently for different purposes? This workshop will arm you with research-based principles that you can immediately apply to your fundraising pages to produce dramatically improved results.

Upon completion of the workshop, you’ll also have a chance to get NextAfter Level 1 Certification by completing – and passing – a written examination.

You’ll learn: What landing pages are, why they produce double and triple-digit gains, and how to recognize the difference between a good and bad one.

You’ll learn: The strategic underlying force of visitor acceleration for landing pages, how it applies to your cause, and how to know if your version of it is strong enough to further inspire your donors to act.

You’ll learn: How to determine what your audience intends and what they are interested in using information you already have available to you.

You’ll learn: How to apply principles to the email acquisition landing page. Includes a detailed template, and is based on data from 180+ landing page experiments.

You’ll learn: How to apply principles to the general donation page. Includes a detailed template, and is based on data from 100+ general donation page experiments.

You’ll learn: How to apply principles to the campaign donation page. Includes a detailed template, and is based on data from 100+ campaign donation page experiments.

You’ll learn: How to apply principles to the instant donation landing page. Includes a detailed template, and is based on data from 50+ instant donation page experiments.

You’ll Learn: The result of research from every experiment in our library on gift arrays and publicly accessible studies on the topic. This will be followed by a Q&A session and review before the exam.

Although not required, attendees may obtain NextAfter Level 1 Certification and upon successful completion of the written examination following the workshop.

Get registered early and join your fellow attendees for some food and fun.

We’ll have an assortment of team games and participants will have a chance to win some great individual prizes and also garner a donation for their charity of choice.

Grand Prize: $3,000 charitable donation

2nd Prize: $2,000 charitable donation

3rd Prize: $1,000 charitable donation

We’ll also be giving away an assortment of cool electronics and gadgets courtesy of our awesome sponsors.

There is no set agenda, so feel free to come and go as you please. Attire is super-casual (t-shirts and jeans are just fine).