Testimonials from Other Online Fundraisers and Digital Marketers

Over the past two years, online fundraisers and marketers have seen their programs and organizations transformed through the training they received at the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit.

Here is what fundraisers had to say after attending the summit:

“Your presenters were all top-notch and the materials and topics were exactly what I was looking for. I have been to two other conferences in the past month and this one was by far the best!” – Timothy Johnson, CFRE

“I have been to numerous conferences during the last 25+ years and I would say that this one shines out in the top!  The information was relevant, the speakers vibrant and the atmosphere dynamically fun!” – Amy Scholle

“It was well worth the 16-hour flight from Sydney, Australia, to attend the NIO Summit 2017. The NextAfter team are at the top of the testing, optimization and digital communications games and generously shared a huge amount of useful intel with attendees. Other speakers were well chosen across a range of disciplines – they provided inspiration, insight, practical core digital marketing advice, and some brilliant right-angle ideas. As a non-profit digital campaigner with more than 11 years-experience and study, I’d highly recommend getting to the next NIO Summit!” – James Herlihy

“Thank you for putting on the most interesting, applicable, and informational conference I’ve been to. I expected to sit through a bunch of speakers while struggling to stay awake, but I realized in the first hour that I would want to pay attention and there would be plenty of learning opportunities.” – Adam Tatro

“I was unbelievably impressed by many of the speakers and the knowledge they brought, as well as the detail that went into putting the summit together…I definitely left with new ideas and how to better think through other ideas that were already floating in my mind!” – Diana Carranza

“NIO Summit was beyond my expectation. I feel equipped to take our fundraising to the next level.” – Quentin Fincaryk, CFRE

“The time, effort, and planning your team put into it was reflected in the quality of the event, which was top-notch.” – Bill Gray

“Loved it. Full of actionable info, great speakers, and good networking. Worth the investment. Thank you!” – Jeremy Reis

“Your speakers were brilliant!  Came away very inspired!” – Sherry Bailey

“I actually cried with sheer gratitude. We are a very small non-profit… However, a good deal of it was very much within my grasp. I can and will implement a few things immediately and over time add.” – Darlene Pawlik

“The things we learned over the past two days will help us out tremendously… I left today beyond inspired and motivated to put my team into motion.” – Aften Owens

“Thank you for hosting such an excellent event! It was very inspirational, and I walked away with many ideas for tests, campaigns and ways to automate our processes. Learned so much from each speaker, and will be taking everything back to see what our team can apply first…” – Mike Nelson

“The speakers were by far the best element. I would put up with quite a lot to hear any one of them present. But I did not have to “put up” with a thing. The conference was impeccably organized from the timely starts to the delicious food to the confident and clear hosts.” – Lauren Johnston

“I am excited to have learned so much about the issues my donor clients are facing and stoked that I have some ideas and helps for them starting immediately!” – Leo McDonald

“I was inspired to keep innovating and to keep building a team that lives and breathes optimization and innovation. My favorite part is being with a group of people that are doing this for a cause instead of just profit.” – Jon Lewis

“I’ve participated in countless conferences over the past 20 years, across the technology, Olympic, start-up, and event spaces, and with complete sincerity I can attest this was THE MOST HELPFUL and most engaging!” – Kurt Aichele

“That session about automation was perfect for me—it’s what I’m working on in my organization’s development right now.” – Barbara Gorzinski

“What I got most out of the entire event was listening to the broad array of speakers. I felt there was a great balance of all the areas I needed to hear. Some were topics I knew nothing about at all, so I can’t wait to listen again and receive the notes.” – Phyllis Woodward

“Great event, I learned a lot and met a lot of good people. Way better than NRB and CLA.” – Todd Dexter

“Thanks so much for creating a great environment for the nonprofit industry to learn more about “growth hacks” for our online fundraising efforts. The NIO Summit was truly a transformative experience for me!” – Tyler Shaule

“The content was spot on and by far the best conference I’ve ever attended to learn something in my field. I have take-aways from every session and I have practical applications I will bring back to my team.” – Stephanie Tippit

“NIO Summit provided EXCELLENT content and great encouragement and practical help for our marketing strategies. THANK YOU. I hope to attend again next year and gauge how well I have applied what I learned.” – Mike Lopez