What Attendees Think of the NIO Summit

We could spend all day trying to explain how fun, practical, eye-opening, engaging, and transformational this online fundraising and digital marketing conference is. But it’s better if you hear what real attendees had to say.

After the summit, we asked every attendee what they enjoyed the most. Here’s what they had to say…

"Anybody who is in the nonprofit space and has been tasked with the digital aspects of marketing — the NIO Summit is going to give you the specifics of how you can do those things better."
Maria Luci
Assistant Director, Digital Media
Beyond Celiac
"Anybody who is in the nonprofit space and has been tasked with the digital aspects of marketing — the NIO Summit is going to give you the specifics of how you can do those things better."
Eric Wilbanks
Eric Wilbanks
VP of Resource Development
Boys and Girls Club Ocoee Region
"I think what makes NIO Summit so beautiful is the sense of community you get."
Stephen Boudreau

“What did you enjoy the most about the NIO Summit?”

The summit is one of the best run events I have ever attended. I would put it on par with Mozcon and Distilled events. Clearly, the experience is well tended to. It seemed to me that no detail was ignored.

All the sessions were great. The practical application is phenomenal - the more the better.

Presentations were excellent - relevant, actionable content delivered professionally with a twist of funny and a squeeze of cool.

Great presentations, good food. Chance to network. Awesome vendors and swag.

This was so helpful for even a very young marketer.

There were some incredible speakers… Extraordinarily dynamic and engaging. I loved the length of time for each session - just long enough to get a point across and leave you feeling inspired, rather than exhausted (although exhaustion was very real by the end of the summit as well!!)

I loved how much immediately actionable information we received. Everyone talked in concrete terms of proven, data-driven results that we could point to as we work to champion for change in our organizations. All the NextAfter staff members were incredibly accessible and willing to help work through any question or problem thrown at them. I left feeling completely fired-up, inspired, and ready to take on the world of online fundraising!

Insights into storytelling, the psychology of fundraising, and the heavy incorporation of data this year. Great mix of content for beginners and seasoned vets.

I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with like-minded fundraising experts.

Karl's presentation, along with Jon Powell's critique, really helped me to understand at an emotional and mental level how optimization is important and how it is done.

The spirit of fun that carried over through the special events, special food and swag.

I love the interaction from everyone. It’s so easy to meet people and connect.

The speakers’ energy and expertise were nothing less than inspiring. The social and networking culture was unlike any other conference I’ve been too.

The consistency of the speakers’ messages and all the energy of the summit. The NextAfter team is amazing and the way they prepare the content for you to keep it afterwards is really great.

Quick pace, chock full of content. Clearly presented.

1) The FUN atmosphere and events each night 2) Engaging brilliant speakers 3) Vendors were friendly and helpful 4) Beautiful venue and city 5) The band was awesome Hard to pick just one thing.

Quick pace, chock full of content. Clearly presented.

I could highlight six or seven presenters. I could compliment the chow. Hell, I even saw one vendor send a newbie to another vendor because he knew it would be better for the customer.

I loved that it was smaller and more intimate so I could spend time with people doing the same things I am doing and we could learn from each other.

The overall sort of chill, fun tone was great, and I love the NextAfter team, but I’m going with the usable content for the win! Also loved that every single session started right on time, and that there were just a handful of (really solid, personable) vendors.

The atmosphere was the best I’ve seen. Real community feel to it. You wanted to stay.

This summit has such a fun vibe. You can tell there is a lot of thought put into the overall experience.

There was so much that I enjoyed—it’s hard to pick a favorite thing. The venue was amazing and the speakers almost uniformly outstanding and clear.

Learning relevant, actionable information, concepts, philosophies and new approaches to marketing and fundraising.

Our nonprofit organization has been operating for 25 years and our new CEO has us on this new journey of fundraising and donations. Therefore, we are very new to this area of nonprofit work. We enjoyed everything at this summit! Since we are new, Wednesdays workshop was the most enjoyable for us. It was the meat to everything we need to start doing and it gave us the understanding of each speaking session held on Thursday and Friday.

I think the workshop was the star of this summit. It was definitely eye opening and has not only inspired me, but will inspire my team back home when i introduce these concepts and ideas. I really appreciate this summit and the care that is put into teaching nonprofits how to be better!

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