Design a NIO Summit Shirt and Win Two Free Tickets for You and a Colleague

Sorry! The t-shirt contest has already closed.

Send in your t-shirt design before 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, June 2nd. 

Year after year, NIO Summit has the coolest swag in nonprofit conference history. Or at least, we’d like to believe so.

But as you know, if we’re not growing and improving, our results will suffer. This is true for online fundraising. It’s true for digital marketing. And it’s true for t-shirt designs.

That’s why we need your help.

In order to optimize the NIO Summit swag store this year, we need new, fresh, and innovative t-shirt designs. From now until June 2nd, you can submit your designs for this year’s NIO Summit t-shirts.

If we select your t-shirt to print, you’ll win 2 free tickets to the summit – one for you, and one for a colleague. You’ll also get one of each shirt in the swag store for free.

Here are some of the shirt designs from previous years for your inspiration:

What if I’m not a good designer?

You don’t have to be an Adobe Illustrator expert to win. If you have an awesome idea, you can just tell us what you’re envisioning and send us a rough sketch. If we like it, we’ll have a designer bring it to life.

What makes for a good t-shirt design?

  • Any whimsical, scrumdiddlyumptious candy themes
  • Fundraising puns
  • Witty jokes about optimization or testing
  • Powerful quotes from people whose profile would look sweet in a single color print
  • Anything that makes you laugh and has something to do with marketing

Send us your NIO Summit t-shirt design
Use the form below to send us your t-shirt design for the 2021 NIO Summit. After June 2nd, we’ll take a look at all of the entries and choose which ones to print.