Email Your Boss

How to Ask Your Boss About NIO Summit

Getting your boss to send you to a conference can be tricky. They’re considering the cost of a ticket, the cost of travel, the likelihood that you’re going to get something valuable out of it. Plus, there are tons of other conferences and trainings out there that would cause them to wonder, “Why is the NIO Summit any better?”

We’ve written an email for you that addresses this question, and all the considerations that your boss is likely to make. All you have to do is copy it, add a few personal touches, and hit send.

Subject Line: I’d like to attend the NIO Summit


I’ve been looking at some different nonprofit conferences to attend in 2018 that would help me develop my online fundraising and marketing skills.

There’s a 2-day conference in San Antonio on September 27-28, 2018 called the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit that seems like it would be incredibly helpful.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the reasons why I think it would be a good investment:

  • Unlike most other nonprofit conferences, the NIO Summit provides training on cutting edge approaches to online fundraising that have been proven with real data and research.
  • They bring in speakers – many of which are from for-profit companies like Salesforce, Unbounce and Hubspot – who are some of the world’s most innovative marketers and fundraisers.
  • The summit has already helped hundreds of organizations get proven results. One saw a 133% increase in donations on their donation page just by implementing what they learned about copywriting.
  • The conference is 100% focused on training, so there won’t be speakers trying to sell me on a new tool or agency.
  • I can get an online fundraising certification if I attend the pre-summit workshop.

Tickets are $995, and that includes breakfast and lunch both days. If you’d like me to attend the workshop and get the certification too, it’s $1295.

Do you think this is something I could attend?

If so, I’d like to register before the end of the year because we can save an extra $200 during their holiday sale.

Let me know what you think.