Who declared that nonprofit conferences have to be boring?

If you’re like us, you’ve been to many nonprofit conferences…and found that they are mostly the same. We think it’s time to leave that behind. Nonprofit conferences don’t have to be suit-and-tie affairs, with panel after panel of thinly disguised agency pitches. We’re working to make this the best conference — nonprofit or otherwise — that you’ve ever attended. Here are a few things that set the 2016 Nonprofit Innovation and Optimization Summit apart:

  1. Leave your suits and ties at home.

    This is a “jeans and boots” conference. We want you to be able to focus on learning, and part of that starts with being comfortable. We’re not saying that we’ll cut your tie off if you choose to wear one…but we aren’t saying we won’t.

  2. 100% focus on digital fundraising

    Direct mail and major gifts are really important — but we’re focusing on the future of nonprofit fundraising and marketing, which is happening through digital channels. In fact, much of the content at this conference will show you how to leverage direct mail to grow your online fundraising program — and how to get new major donors by growing your digital marketing program.

  3. No recycled “best practices”

    What you won’t hear is a bunch of consultants telling you what you need to do to catch up with other nonprofits. What you will experience are hundreds of case studies that are scientifically proven (and statistically validated) that will show you how to radically increase your fundraising results and speakers who will show you innovative strategies that for-profits leverage (and how you can apply them to your fundraising program).

  4. Leave with more than just swag

    We’ve partnered with top technology platforms and providers to allow you to put what you learn into action right from the conference floor. We’ll have contests for live optimization, and you’ll be generating results before you board the flight home. Plus, who likes carrying around those big swag bag anyways?

If we do our job, you’ll leave saying that this is a nonprofit conference like no other. Make sure you have a seat — get your tickets before June 22nd to lock in the Early Bird Rate.

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