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Last year the NIO Summit swag store “sold” the most swag ever…

And it’s not just because the venue was a tad chilly.

The hottest t-shirt designs that have ever been produced were at NIO Summit 2023 — and many of the designs were created by attendees like you! 

But this year we are looking for ever better, even punnier, even more outrageous designs, and we think YOU might be able to help.

Until Monday, April 8th, you can submit a design related to nonprofit fundraising, testing & optimization, Indianapolis, or the NIO Summit 2024 theme – Indiana Jones!

All designs will be put to a vote and the one that comes out victorious will earn 2 FREE tickets to NIO Summit 2024.

The catch: there isn’t one. 

You don’t have to be a designer or a good artist. Just do your best at sketching out or explaining your NIO Summit t-shirt design concept and we will have our team mock up the design. 

Submit your design below and check out some of NIO 2023’s finalists for the game show theme. 

Submit your t-Shirt Design for a chance to win 2 free tickets to NIO Summit 2024

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