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The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit

Kansas City, MO

September 20-23, 2022

The Premier Conference For Online Fundraising & Digital Marketing

Kansas City, MO

September 20-23, 2022

The Premier Conference For Online Fundraising & Digital Marketing


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Grow Your Online Fundraising

and become an innovative digital marketer

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is the premier conference for nonprofit marketers and fundraisers looking to grow their online fundraising. Rather than have an open call for speakers, we hand-select the leading experts in marketing and fundraising innovation from around the world, and bring them all under one roof to teach us how to achieve real and tangible online fundraising growth.

Over the course of two days, you’ll learn proven and research-driven strategies from these leading experts, participate in hands-on training sessions, and discover all the tools you need to grow your online fundraising and revenue.

Through extensive networking opportunities, you’ll gather new ideas and learnings from a community of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers like yourself who are seeking the most innovative solutions and strategies to grow their revenue.


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Why Attend NIO Summit?

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4 Reasons a Nonprofit Fundraising Executive Should Attend

1. Get Inspiring New Ideas From Bleeding-Edge Digital Marketers.

Every year we go to the top marketing conferences around the world to find the best digital marketing thought leaders to invite to NIO. This year, we’ve secured some of the most talented forward-thinkers to inspire you with breakthrough ideas to help give your nonprofit organization an edge.


The key to consistent growth of your fundraising program is creating a culture of innovation and optimization. At the NIO Summit, you will learn secrets from other nonprofit executives that have cracked the code of cultural transformation so that you can motivate your staff to continually push for better and better results.


Nobody likes to pay to attend a conference only to be forced to sit through sales pitch after sales pitch from the main stage. Yet, as an innovative executive you need to constantly stay on top of what is new in the world of technology. To solve this, we have created a special “Innovation Showcase” that is located in a private lounge within the main venue. You can pick and choose which technologies to review in a no-hassle, comfortable, intimate setting.


One of the best parts of the NIO Summit is the built-in networking opportunities throughout the conference. Because this event is only for nonprofit innovators and marketing thought leaders, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with people that share your passion for leadership, new ideas, and market disruption.

"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not using Best Practices anymore."

“A fundraiser is not judged by how often you email, but by how much your donors Email Back ."

5 Reasons a Nonprofit Fundraising Practitioner Should Attend


The NIO Summit is the place where you’ll find proven fundraising strategies, the latest marketing innovations, and the essential tools to help your nonprofit achieve major online fundraising growth. Take in over 16 powerful and practical, action-oriented sessions on email marketing, copywriting, landing page creation, content marketing, analytics, social media marketing, online advertising, marketing automation, and of course, testing and optimization.


Gain insights from over 2,000 online fundraising experiments to get quick wins for your online fundraising program that will impress your boss and raise more money for your organization.


If you have ever wanted to move into the exciting world of conversion rate optimization, this is your chance! The entire NextAfter team will be available to you to help you with everything from developing a strong, testable hypothesis, to getting up and running on a testing platform – we’ll even help you set up and run your first test from the floor of the conference.


Every attendee of the NIO Summit will get access to the newly designed Winston Experiment Research Library. Winston easily integrates with all major testing platforms and will enable you to monitor, document, and share the results of all of your experiments from one centralized, beautifully designed interface.


Imagine the opportunity to attend a nonprofit conference where meeting new people doesn’t feel like work. That’s because the NIO Summit has been engineered to provide you with natural opportunities to connect and network with other nonprofit attendees, speakers, and subject matter experts so that you have people you can turn to for inspiration, new ideas, or even your next career move.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Will Love the NIO Summit


We literally travel to marketing conferences around the world to find the absolute best expert speakers we can find. You will be inspired, challenged, entertained, and of course equipped with killer ideas that you are guaranteed not to find at any other nonprofit conference this year.


Instead of crappy tote bags jammed with marketing propaganda, we’ve created a sweet Swag Shop where you can trade in the tokens for the coolest nonprofit conference swag you’ve ever seen. Earn tokens by participating at the Summit, and you’ll be able to cash in on beverage tumblers, boot-leg T-shirts, notebooks, sun-glasses, and more.


We are so confident that you will LOVE the NIO Summit, that we will 100% refund your money if you don’t walk away with new ideas to grow your fundraising and marketing.

"Pop-ups and phone-calls and email, Oh My! "

This Year's Speakers Include...

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main session Speakers


Founding Partner
Online Dialogue

Bart Schutz (1972) is a renowned digital consumer psychologist, (co-) founder of several startups and keynote speaker on CRO and digital experimentation. Bart combines his deep & profound knowledge of behavioural science, with strategical & practical applications. He is an inspirational speaker and supports his eye-opening insights with lots of practical tips and evidence-based impact. Bart helps boost your success and culture of experimentation by growing your behavioural science and experimentation capabilities.

Tim Kachuriak

Founder and Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer

Tim Kachuriak is the founder and Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer for NextAfter, a fundraising research lab and consulting firm that works with businesses, nonprofits, and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity.

Amy Harrison

HarrisonAmy Copywriting

Amy Harrison is a copywriter and content consultant based in the UK. She helps organizations world-wide understand their hidden value and communicate this to their audience—increasing engagement and conversions. 

Marcus Sheridan


Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker known for his unique ability to excite, engage, and motivate audiences. In 2017, Forbes named Marcus “One of 20 Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss.” He has been dubbed a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times and featured in Inc., The Globe and Mail, Forbes, and many more. As an owner of IMPACT, Marcus has established one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country. Within his speaking company, Marcus Sheridan International, Inc., he gives more than 70 global keynotes annually where he inspires audiences in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, and communication. Mashable rated his book, They Ask, You Answer, the “#1 Marketing Book”, and Forbes listed it as one of “11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read”.

Marcus Collins

Head of Planning
Wieden+Kennedy New York

Marcus Collins is an award-winning marketer and cultural translator with one foot in the world of practice—serving as the Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy New York—and one foot in the world of academia—as a marketing professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

His deep understanding of brand strategy and consumer behavior has helped him bridge the academic-practitioner gap for blue-chip brands and startups alike. He is a recipient of Advertising Age’s 40 Under 40 award and Crain’s Business’ 40 Under 40 award, and a recent inductee into the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Achievement. Before joining Wieden+Kennedy, he served as the Chief Consumer Connections Officer at Doner Advertising and led Social Engagement at Steve Stoute’s advertising agency, Translation. Over the course of his career, Marcus has developed a practice for creating culturally contagious ideas that inspire people to take action. His strategies and creative contributions have led to the launch and success of Budweiser’s “Made In America” music festival, the Brooklyn Nets (Hello Brooklyn!), and State Farm’s “Cliff Paul” campaign – among others.

Prior to his advertising tenure, Marcus began his career in music and tech with a startup he co-founded before working on iTunes + Nike sport music initiatives at Apple and running digital strategy for Beyoncé.

Marcus holds a doctorate in marketing from Temple University where he studied cultural contagion and meaning-making. He received an MBA with an emphasis on strategic brand marketing from the University of Michigan, where he also earned his undergraduate degree in Material Science Engineering. He is a proud Detroit native, a devoted husband, and a loving father to Georgia and Ivy.

ton wesseling

Evidence-based growth expert
Founder of Online Dialogue, Conversion Hotel and The Experimentation Culture Awards

I help organizations to become more successful by adopting a solid experimentation and validation approach.

I’ve been working in this industry for over 20 years now and I still love it. Experimentation brings answers and joy, it’s a key driver for growth.

In this field of work I’ve started agencies, websites and tools, wrote lots of articles and created training courses and events.

My main love never changed though to something else than the actual work itself and I’ve now happily consulted over 50 organizations in 10 different countries.

Eat, sleep, experiment, repeat.

Kim Bersin

Chief Strategist
Donor Speak Consulting

Kim is a nonprofit enthusiast, bonafide cat lady, and Chief Strategist of Donor Speak Consulting who has helped raise millions for worthy causes.

After serving at an international nonprofit for over a decade, she now partners with charities of all sizes, across all sectors, in their strategic planning, digital and print campaigns, and direct response copywriting. 

Based out of Chicago, Kim can often be found going on mini adventures with her partner and two daughters, enjoying the beach, freaking out over animals of any kind, or indulging in reality TV.

Courtney Gaines

Vice President

Courtney Gaines serves as Vice President of NextAfter. Courtney’s extensive non-profit background fuels her desire today to help non-profits recognize the value they add to people’s lives.

Courtney loves to help nonprofits innovate and optimize their fundraising and marketing—which led her to NextAfter. Before she joined the team, she led the digital marketing and fundraising for a $110MM radio, publishing, and education nonprofit. She has developed and directed multiple innovative, multi-channel fundraising and content marketing campaigns and led an enterprise content strategy.

Michael Norton

Prof. of Business Administration
The Harvard Business School

Michael I. Norton is the Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. He has studied human behavior in domains such as love and inequality, time and money, and happiness and grief. He is the co-author – with Elizabeth Dunn – of the book, Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending. In 2012, he was selected for Wired Magazine’s Smart List as one of “50 People Who Will Change the World” and his TEDx talk, How to Buy Happiness, has been viewed more than 3 million times.

Georg Kolb


Georg Kolb is the CEO of a German fundraising company which specializes in door-to-door fundraising. He has personally inspired thousands of people to donate to the most influential NGOs in German-speaking countries via face-to-face solicitation.

Based in Berlin, Georg trains more than 500 new F2F fundraisers every year to be incredibly effective in interpersonal communication. Despite his professional background in process engineering, Georg is obsessed with the ins and outs of human communication. With a mad-scientist, hands-on approach, he seeks to find out what moves the hearts and minds of people when it comes to giving.

Dana Snyder

CEO & Founder
Positive Equation

Dana Snyder is an entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist. As the Founder of Positive Equation her mission is to teach nonprofits how to transform their online experiences through digital marketing strategies and new tech. 

Dana frequently speaks on innovative ways for nonprofits to increase their online fundraising efforts with guests on her podcast, Missions to Movements

Currently based in Atlanta, Dana has worked with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, Honest Company, Sports Illustrated, American Idol, The Global Foodbanking Network, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Hashtag Lunchbag, LA84 Foundation, and many more. 

Michael King

founder & managing partner 
Ipullrank, LLC.

An artist and a technologist, all rolled into one, Mike King is the founder and managing partner of the enterprise SEO and content strategy agency, iPullRank. Mike consults with companies all over the world, including brands ranging from SAP, American Express, HSBC, SanDisk, General Mills, and FTD, to a laundry list of promising eCommerce, publisher, and financial services organizations.

Mike has held previous roles as Marketing Director, Developer, and tactical SEO at multi-national agencies such as Publicis Modem, iAcquire, and Razorfish. Effortlessly leaning on his background as an independent hip-hop musician, Mike King is a dynamic speaker who is called upon to contribute to conferences, webinars, and blogs all over the world.

Emily Taylor


Emily Taylor, Principal of teenyBIG, is an expert listener who guides nonprofits to create more impactful engagements with their audiences. She uses her experience with both the nonprofit and for-profit worlds in qualitative, human-centered research — a process that digs into a user’s experience and perspective — to bring meaningful context to important data.

Emily has spent her whole life listening to stakeholders, from leaders of national NPOs to local community activists, and wants to help you gather and interpret the research you need to improve your audience’s support of your amazing mission. Based in Chicago, Emily’s clients span many nonprofit sectors and include American Academy of Pediatrics, American Marketing Association, League of American Bicyclists, and High Speed Rail Alliance.

Krista Seiden

Principal Digital Analytics Consultant & Chief Instructor
KS Digital

Krista Seiden is the Principal Digital Analytics Consultant & Chief Instructor with KS Digital, an analytics consultancy she founded in 2019, helping businesses make the most of their investments in digital marketing and analytics. Previously, Krista was VP, Product Marketing & Growth at Quantcast. Prior to that, she was at Google for nearly 7 years, where she led Product Management efforts across the Google Marketing Platform and served as the external evangelist for the Google Analytics suite of products. Krista is a keynote speaker, practitioner, writer on Analytics and Optimization, and passionate supporter of #WomenInAnalytics. You can follow her blog at and on twitter @kristaseiden, or reach out to KS Digital at

Brady Josephson

Marketing & Growth Lead (Interim) 
charity: water

Brady helps lead Marketing & Growth at charity: water — a nonprofit focused on ending the global water crisis in our lifetime — with a focus on their consumer audience and subscription giving program, The Spring.

Jason Ruffell smith

Digital Director
Marlin Communications

Jason has over 10 years experience working in digital fundraising and marketing roles. Over the past 8 years he has been working with for-purpose organizations across Australia and New Zealand to help them grow their digital fundraising through innovative campaigns and digital transformation.

From strategy to implementation to analysis, Jason leads teams across digital fundraising, data and optimization and digital development which work to understand the core challenges organizations face and provide integrated, multi-channel campaigns and technology solutions to drive digital fundraising growth. 

And a special NIO summit message from...

Seth Godin

Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker
**photo by Brian Bloom

SETH GODIN is the author of 20 books that have been bestsellers around theworld and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He’s also the founder of the altMBA and The Akimbo Workshops, online seminars that have transformed the work of thousands of people.He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. You might be familiar with his booksLinchpin, Tribes, The Dip and Purple Cow.His book, This Is Marketing, was an instant bestseller around the world. The newest book,The Practice, is out at the end of 2020 and is already a bestseller. His newest project is leading a worldwide group of volunteers creating The Carbon Almanac. In addition to his writing and speaking, Seth has founded several companies, including Yoyodyne and Squidoo. His blog (which you can find by typing “seth” into Google) is one of the most popular in the world. His podcast is in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide. In 2018, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame. More than 20,000 people have taken the powerful Akimbo workshops he founded, including the altMBA and The Marketing Seminar.

Quick Tip Speakers

Ray Gary

Founder & CEO

Raymond is the founder and CEO of iDonate, a SaaS-based digital fundraising platform, founded with the purpose of amplifying abundant generosity. He brings over 35 years of experience in technology, venture capital, corporate development, and early-stage business building. After working in a family business and EDS in his early career, he served as President of Koch Ventures, Inc. (“KVI”) where he had the privilege of learning from Charles Koch, one of the world’s most successful business leaders. Raymond currently serves on the boards of the Highland Park chapter of KLIFE, a faith-based ministry for students, and the Baton Rouge/LSU-area Young Life ministry. Raymond is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he was selected as a member of the President’s Leadership Class, and also played collegiate tennis. Raymond and his wife Gina live in Dallas and have three children and two grandchildren.


Dan Brown

American Philanthropic

Dan Brown works with nonprofit general donor programs around our country.   He likes to help nonprofits strengthen donor file health through strategic planning, cross channel execution, and learning through testing in all channels. 

Dan has more than two decades of experience in helping nonprofits fundraising efforts in both agency setting as well as working within nonprofits organizations.  This brings a unique perspective to serve nonprofits drive for growth and innovation. 

Before joining American Philanthropic, Dan served as Director of Fundraising Marketing at Focus on the Family for over 13 years.   He helped run all general donor strategies and communications.   He graduated from Cleveland State University, where he studied marketing and management. 

Dan and his wife live in Colorado Springs and have two children.  Dan serves on ANA Nonprofit Federation Committee that recognizes Nonprofit Organizations and Leaders. 

GAbe Cooper

Founder & CEO

Gabe Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Virtuous, a Responsive Nonprofit CRM & Marketing Platform helping nonprofits build lasting relationships with their donors. He is also the author of the top selling book Responsive Fundraising. After serving in a leadership role at a large nonprofit, Gabe went on to help build a series of successful software products in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. His team’s products have been featured in Wired, USA Today, NY Times, and Apple’s WWDC. His drive stems from a passion to create market-defining software and help charities reimagine generosity.

Shawn Olds

CoFounder & CEO

Shawn Olds is a technology and communications thought leader currently serving as the CEO for boodleAI, an AI-powered predictive lead scoring solution that has been used to significantly lift conversion, engagement, and retention rates among current and prospective donors. Shawn is a military veteran who served on active duty in the 82nd Airborne Division. After September 11th, 2001, he elected to work with the U. S. Department of States’ Office for Counter-Terrorism and in 2020, was appointed and currently serves as a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army.

In addition to his military and government career, Shawn has found ample success in the private sector. After beginning as a logistics operations and technology strategy consultant, he co-founded and served as COO of a wireless media solutions company. Later, he worked as a venture consultant with PRTM Management Consultants (acquired by PwC) where he helped found and build PRTM’s private equity practice. Shawn parlayed his military and venture experience into international business when he was recruited to serve as the Chief Procurement Officer for TAQA, a $30B Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund that is located in ten countries and four continents with investments across the energy value chain. Later, he co-founded and served as Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of The Belleau Wood Group. LP, a merchant bank headquartered in Dubai with offices in Istanbul and Baku.

Shawn has enjoyed a diverse career rooted in service which has led him to over a decade of supporting nonprofit organizations and their missions. He continually dedicates his time to philanthropic endeavors, including, but not limited to the National Collegiate Conference Association as the President Emeritus of the Board of Directors, the National Guard Youth Challenge Foundation as a member of the Board of Directors, the Code of Support Foundation as a member of the Board, and The Veterans for National Service Foundation as the Founder and Chairman.

Shawn graduated from the United States Military Academy with a BS in Computer Science. He earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management as well as his Juris Doctor from the Northwestern School of Law.

Soraya Alexander

Chief Operating Officer

Soraya Alexander is the Chief Operating Officer at Classy, a social enterprise that creates world-class online fundraising software for nonprofits, modernizing the giving experience to accelerate global social impact. Prior to being named COO, Soraya was the SVP of Marketing and Customer Growth, building the teams responsible for customer engagement, retention, growth, and success, in addition to driving awareness and interest for our platform. 

Prior to Classy, Soraya led customer retention and engagement, direct marketing, and omnichannel experience for DICK’S Sporting Goods. She also spent time on the Consumer Marketing Strategy team at Time Inc., doing consumer engagement and marketing for Tavis Smiley on PBS, and at Fenton Communications, a communications and strategy firm working with the nation’s leading nonprofits and foundations. Soraya is also on the Board of Directors at Urban Surf for Kids, a nonprofit that provides surf therapy for foster and adoptive youth who have experienced complex trauma. She has a BA from University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dani Lockard

Fundraising Strategist

Dani Lockard, a fundraising strategist and Funraise evangelist, takes nonprofit growth very seriously. Since 2018, Dani has been leading organizations to success in the digital fundraising space through partnerships with Funraise, giving her the opportunity to work with nonprofits like Stop Soldier Suicide, Innocence Project, and the Dressember Foundation.

Fundraising Wizardry Speakers

Ardee Coolidge

Digital Strategist

Ardee believes that the best fundraising and marketing connects with someone’s heart and empowers them to be a better person than they were before.

In an age of “click bait” and robotic campaigns that treat people like cogs in a machine rather than human beings, there’s greater opportunity than ever for fundraisers to leverage digital technology to meaningfully create value for donors at scale.

The world’s challenges have increased in complexity but the solution to the crises we see today remains the same: people are relentlessly committed to bettering their communities through generosity and service, and that’s what fundraisers get to help unleash every single day.

Before Next After, Ardee spent his career working for three national nonprofits helping them scale their marketing and fundraising efforts to achieve success through constant testing and optimization. He helped grow one organization’s email file by more than 550% and their monthly donor program by 300%.

Ardee and his wife Christina have four children and live in West Virginia.

Yanni Saratsis

Vice President, Client Services

Yanni serves as Senior Optimization Director at NextAfter, where he uses his 15 years of non-profit fundraising experience to help organizations make an even greater impact on the world.

An award-winning digital strategist, prior to joining NextAfter Yanni spent 10 years at RKD Group, where he was responsible for creating breakthrough, multi-channel strategies for over one hundred local and regional nonprofits, primarily focusing on the health and human services sector. He also spent 7 years in Washington, D.C. working at one of the country’s premier think tanks, focusing on security research, marketing, congressional relations, and fundraising. 

Yanni holds a B.A. in International Studies from Bryant University, and an M.A in International Relations from Sussex University in the U.K. He currently resides in Rhode Island with his fiance and two fur babies, Maximus and Bailey.

Nathan Hill

Vice President of NextAfter Institute

Nathan Hill is the vice president of NextAfter Institute – a research lab, digital-first agency, and training institute that helps nonprofits grow their digital fundraising.

Having worked at both large and small nonprofits, he understands the day-to-day challenges of running nonprofit programs while also trying to manage fundraising, marketing, websites, emails, advertising, and more.

Nathan has trained thousands of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers in proven online fundraising strategies including PBS, Save the Children, The Humane Society, and more — and has spoken at events from AMA, CauseVox, Nonprofit Hub, Social Media Week, and more.

Innovation Showcase Speakers

Kandice Luisi

Head of Partnerships
Event Gives

As the Head of Partnerships for Event.Gives, Kandice Luisi has the unique opportunity to seek value-adding partners who help her team grow their brand and vision: being the best event platform in the industry. Event.Gives is an event planning and fundraising software that makes the process easier for event organizers and attendees across the globe. Kandice has been with Event.Gives since 2019 and has been at the forefront of the company’s growth ever since. Kandice loves her job because every day she is able to use her passion for connecting and maintaining new relationships with like-minded people. Kandice graduated from East Carolina University in 2016 and is a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success at ECU. She is originally from California, but now resides in Charleston, South Carolina along with the rest of the Event.Gives team. She enjoys getting outdoors, being social, and listening to music.

Ray Gary

Founder & CEO

Raymond is the founder and CEO of iDonate, a SaaS-based digital fundraising platform, founded with the purpose of amplifying abundant generosity. He brings over 35 years of experience in technology, venture capital, corporate development, and early-stage business building. After working in a family business and EDS in his early career, he served as President of Koch Ventures, Inc. (“KVI”) where he had the privilege of learning from Charles Koch, one of the world’s most successful business leaders. Raymond currently serves on the boards of the Highland Park chapter of KLIFE, a faith-based ministry for students, and the Baton Rouge/LSU-area Young Life ministry. Raymond is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he was selected as a member of the President’s Leadership Class, and also played collegiate tennis. Raymond and his wife Gina live in Dallas and have three children and two grandchildren.


Dominic Kalms

Founder & CEO
B Generous

Dominic Kalms is a multi-venture backed entrepreneur and philanthropist with an expertise in Financial Technology (FinTech), Nonprofits, Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), and digital fundraising. He has raised over $120M in venture and philanthropic capital during his career and has been featured in an array of media publications (e.g. NBC, Forbes, CBS, Entrepreneur, BBC, Yahoo etc.) where he discusses philanthropy and impact. He was most recently profiled on the front page of, as well as in the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy web series, and he recently guest lectured a course on Philanthropy at MIT. His latest opinion piece on corporate giving can be found on

Today, Dominic is Founder/CEO of a new venture backed FinTech company B Generous, which is revolutionizing how people donate to nonprofits through the advent of the first ever philanthropic credit product. B Generous is backed by some of the top VCs, Banks, & institutional investors in the US.

Before his current company, Dominic was the Founder & CEO of GVNG which Forbes called “One of the most revolutionary platforms in the social impact space today.” GVNG is a venture backed technology company that facilitates the creation of instant digital charitable giving accounts. Many of the world’s leading public figures & corporations have used GVNG to start and run their philanthropic projects (e.g., Richard Branson, Miley Cyrus, Val Kilmer, D&G, Burning Man etc.). Dominic remains on the Board and is the President of the Company today.

Prior to building technology companies, Dominic managed philanthropic foundations at Global Philanthropy Group (GPG), a private strategy consultancy which advises high net worth individuals, celebrities, & corporations on impact work. At GPG Dominic advised and ran the foundations for many of the world’s top philanthropists. GPG was acquired by Charity Network in 2017, and then re-sold to APCO Worldwide in 2021.

Dominic also sits on the Fundraising Board of Forest Whitaker’s Foundation: The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) & Val Kilmer’s TwainMania Foundation.


Dominic is also on the boards of the nationally recognized nonprofits: Child Safety Pledge and The MINDS Foundation, and he is a member of The Forbes Nonprofit Council, NEXUS, SUMMIT Impact, and he is an Ambassador for the Global Citizen Forum (GCF). Dominic is also a contributing writer for Forbes Philanthropy and a Mentor at the Global Good Fund where he helps accelerate the development of high potential young leaders tackling the world’s greatest social issues.

In early 2020 Dominic started which has since donated hundreds of thousands of medical masks and face shields to hospitals, schools, Native American reservations and cities across the US to help protect vulnerable people against COVID. Dominic was interviewed on CBS News about this work.

In early 2020 Dominic also partnered with leading National Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt in order to create the Ahmaud Arbery Foundation to honor the life of Ahmaud Arbery whose death set off nationwide protests in the United States against racial injustice.

Dominic started his career at HSBC and Citibank, he then worked at the United Nations for the Afghanistan Ambassador, and then in U.S. Senate. Dominic was born in Hong Kong, raised in London and now lives in LA & NYC. He holds a B.A., cum laude, from NYU and a MA from Columbia University in International Affairs

Vance Roush


Vance Roush is the Founder and CEO of Overflow, and on mission to inspire the world to give. Specifically, Overflow unlocks unprecedented levels of generosity by empowering nonprofits, foundations and corporations to accept non-cash assets like stocks and crypto with ease. 90% of wealth is in non-cash assets, and organizations are still mainly fundraising for cash. Overflow is fixing that. Outside of Overflow, Vance serves on the board of nonprofits such as, on VIVE Church as a founding member, and has a tech background from companies like Google. He and his wife Kim live in the Silicon Valley with their 4 children: Lennox, Emerson, Tatum & Wesleigh Dior.

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NIO Summit Location:

Kansas City Music Hall

301 W 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64105

The 2022 NIO Summit will take place at the Kansas City Music Hall, located in downtown Kansas City, MO. The venue regularly hosts touring Broadway shows, visiting symphony orchestras, opera and ballet companies, and now – for the first time ever – the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit.


Kansas City Marriott Downtown
200 West 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

The NIO room block is SOLD OUT!

****Check the Marriott website for additional availability

The NIO Summit has reserved a large hotel room block for attendees at the Kansas City Marriot Downtown – just a short walk down the street from the Kansas City Music Hall. Rooms are available at the negotiated NIO Summit rate of $179 (+ taxes & fees) from Sept. 19th – Sept. 23rd, 2022. 

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NIO Summit will follow the latest local COVID guidelines for the time event. Get more information on COVID guidelines in Kansas City here.