NIO Summit 2016 Recap

Download the NIO Summit 2016 Notes

As you review the sessions, use the NIO Summit 2016 notes as a quick reference for key points and learnings.

Day 1 – September 28, 2016


Tim Kachuriak

Unleashing the Most Generous Generation in the World

Ray Gary

The Grand Challenge for Nonprofits

Mack Fogelson

How Authenticity Builds Durable Organizations

Flint McGlaughlin

The Methodology of Optimization

Nat Ward

10 Nonprofit Marketing Experiments You Have to See

Amanda Mark

The Power of Perpetual Optimization

Kevin Peters

The Live Test Dashboard and Library of Experiments

Brad Davies

The Online Fundraising Scorecard

Angie Schottmuller

Mapping the Nonprofit Customer Journey

Tommy Swanson

The Role of Facebook in Nonprofit Marketing

Jeff Giddens

Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors

Matt Bailey

Analytics, Segmentation, and Targeting

Day 2 – September 29, 2016


Marcus Sheridan

It’s a Digital World

Amy Harrison

Copywriting – How to Hold on to Your Reader

Michael Aagaard

You’re Making My Brain Hurt


Tim Kachuriak

Intro to Landing Page Optimization

David DeMambro

From Outbound to Inbound

Jon Lewis

Marketing Automation – The Key to Scaling

Jeff Giddens

Intro to Email Principles

Mark Santiago

Selling Optimization to the C-Suite

Lee Colan

Sticking With It – Mastering the Art of Adherence