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The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit


Let’s face it, most nonprofit conferences suck.

We’ve been to just about every nonprofit conference that has been put on over the last decade, and most of them leave a lot to be desired.

The venues are lame—dingy hotel ballrooms where you can’t tell if it is day or night.

The speakers are always the same—how many times do you need to hear the words “multi-channel” or “integrated communications” before you throw up in your mouth?

And the staged “networking opportunities” feel like you are being sold life insurance.

When we launched the first Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit, we did the exact opposite of all that.

  • Instead of hotel ballrooms, we chose an indoor western-themed town.
  • Instead of suits and ties, we have jeans and cowboy boots.
  • Instead of 1 featured speaker, we have 16 featured speakers.
  • Instead of a wine and cheese reception, we have mechanical bull riding.

The goal was to create an event that would attract forward thinking leaders in the nonprofit space and foster a community of innovation and optimization.

And, we want you to join us!

There are two ways you can get involved:

  1. Attend the NIO Summit on September 21-22.

    When you attend NIO Summit, you’ll connect with over 300 nonprofit professionals that share your passion for innovation and optimization. You meet nonprofits that are open to testing new technologies and approaches to solving the universal challenges of acquiring new donors, retaining existing donors, and improving ROI.

  2. Sponsor NIO Summit 2017.

    Sponsoring NIO Summit 2017 will put your business in front of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers who are tired of the status quo, and are hungry for new and innovative ways to fuel growth at their organizations. Past sponsors have included Optimizely, Hubspot, Kindful, SimplePath, RaiseDonors, iDonate, Marketing Support Network, and Active Engagement.

Learn how you can showcase your business in front of nonprofit innovators by downloading the NIO Summit 2017 sponsorship guide.

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