NIO Summit 2017 – Awards

Get Recognized for Your Nonprofit’s Innovation and Online Fundraising Success

NIO Award photo

Apply for a 2019 Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Award and you could win a free ticket to NIO Summit

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is all about discovering new ways to reach more donors, increase generosity, and radically transform nonprofit impact. And the NIO Awards are one way to make sure that all you trailblazers get recognized for your hard work, creative thinking, and innovative ideas.

And as a plus, by sharing your success, you’ll help other nonprofits learn how to up their game.

Share your innovative campaign or fundraising strategy

The NIO Awards only have one category: nonprofit fundraising innovation. Since many of the best campaigns have trouble fitting into one specific category, we just want to know what you’ve been doing that’s super cool and new. Just tell us about your awesome campaign and how it impacted your fundraising, and you could see your name up in lights (or on a projector screen).

If selected, you’ll win:

  • A free ticket to the 2019 Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit
  • Steep discounts for your colleagues (so you’ll have folks to celebrate with)
  • A professionally-produced video interview about the work you’ve been doing (you’ll be the star of the show)
  • A nifty trophy for your office
  • A NIO Summit swag pack (and we’ve got some pretty cool stuff)

What does it take to win?

Here are some criteria we’ll be evaluating:

  • Is it new and innovative?
  • Does it have an online/digital component?
  • Are the results measurable?
  • What was your hypothesis behind your campaign, and what did you learn?
  • Did you a/b test anything?
  • Was there any risk being taken?

Tell us about your campaign or fundraising strategy and apply for a NIO Award using the form below.

We hope you’ll take the time to share your campaign, the latest strategy you’ve been testing, or other innovative online fundraising work you’ve been doing. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be selected, but we can guarantee that if you don’t apply you won’t win. So what are you waiting for? Apply for a NIO Award below.