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Live Stream

DAY 1 | SEPT. 27DAY 2 | SEPT. 28

Day 1 | September 27th

Day 2 | September 28th

9am - Tim Kachuriak
Welcome & Intro

9:30am - Courtney Gaines & Jeff Giddens

9:50am - David JP Phillips
The Magical Science of Story Telling

10:35am - Live Stream Exclusive Interviews
Josh McQueen, Page Piccinini, David JP Philips

11:20am - Josh McQueen
Generational changes in Giving and Volunteer Work for Nonprofits

11:55am - Jamie Blomquist
Aligning Strategy and Spend with Changing Giving Behavior

12:45pm - Live Stream Exclusive Interviews
Ray Gary, Andy Crestodina, Jammie Blomquist

1:15pm - Break

1:40pm - Andy Crestodina
Next Level Optimization - Search, Conversion, and Content

2:15pm - Brian Davis
Email Acquisition

2:55pm - Live Stream Exclusive Interviews
Jon Powell, Gabe Cooper, Amy Harrison

3:40pm - Jon Powell
Nonprofit Email Subject Lines - 5 Unusual Levers to Help Your Emails Get Read

4:15pm - Amy Harrison
Getting Past 'No' - How to Write Copy that Crushes Objections and Gets Donations

5:00pm - Day 1 Wrap up with Brady & Greg

9am - Courtney Gaines & Jeff Giddens
Welcome & Intro

9:15am - Karl Gilis
Why You Fail at Digital Marketing and What to Do About it

9:50am - Marie Vaino
Conversion Optimization for Low-Traffic Websites

10:35am - Live Stream Exclusive Interviews
Karl Gilis, Brian Davis, Marie Vaino

11:20am - Brady Josephson
The State of Recurring Giving in 2018 - Learn How You Measure Up and Where You Can Improve

11:55am - Jeff Giddens
Moderated Case Studies on Recurring Giving with Q&A

12:45pm - Live Stream Exclusive Interviews
Ray Gary, Amy Zhang, Matt Monberg, Michelle Hurtado

1:15pm - Break

1:40pm - Steve MacLaughlin
Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Unicorns

2:15pm - Michelle Hurtado
Google Ad Grants - Connecting People to Causes Through Free Google Ad Grants

2:55pm - Live Stream Exclusive Interviews
Kevin Peters, Steve MacLaughlin, Lee MJ Elias

3:40pm - Kevin Peters
Using Data to Tell a Compelling Story

4:15pm - Lee MJ Elias
Think Like a Fan - Invest in Your Fans so They Invest in You

5:00pm - Day 2 Wrap up with Brady & Greg

The Amazing Spectacular of Online Fundraising & Digital Marketing

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is live now, bringing you some of the world's most innovative marketers and fundraisers. Over two days, you'll learn new strategies and tactics that you can use to acquire more emails, convert new donors, grow your revenue, and increase the impact of your organization.


How Marketing Drives Donor Engagement [White Paper]

Nonprofits exist in an increasingly challenging fundraising environment, within an increasingly noisy world. The most reliable, effective way to boost your fundraising results is by engaging your donors through marketing. 

Building and strengthening relationships with prospects and donors between solicitations is what drives donor engagement. Marketing motivates volunteers, program participants, and others to donate. 

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Join the NIO Summit in Person in 2020

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is the premier event for online fundraisers and nonprofit digital marketers looking to hone their skills, learn new and innovative strategies, and discover how to increase their impact through optimization. On Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2020, we're heading to Austin, TX for more speakers, strategies, innovations, networking, and a whole lot more.

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7 Marketing Tip Every Fundraiser Needs [Free Guide]

Both marketing and fundraising are about knowing your audience and what kind of communication they’ll respond to best. Get the most out of your nonprofit marketing efforts with a well-organized, strategic marketing plan. In this guide, we’ll take you through the seven steps that will help you successfully integrate your nonprofit marketing and fundraising plans including:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Goals & Strategies
  • Messaging & Tools
  • Budgeting & Evaluation
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The State of Nonprofit Donation Pages

In this free research report, you’ll discover everything we learned from analyzing 203 nonprofit donation pages, and you'll get more data-driven insights to help you:

  • Use copy to communicate why someone should give
  • Upgrade one-time donors to recurring donors
  • Improve your online giving experience
  • And much more.
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The State of Nonprofit Email Cultivation

In this free research report, you’ll discover key findings from an analysis of the cultivation email strategies of 199 nonprofits and find answers to questions including:

  • What is the average ratio of cultivation to solicitation emails for donors and subscribers?
  • What types of content are being sent to cultivate new donors and subscribers?
  • When is the most common time and day to send an email?
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